Our Story

My journey into the world of fragrances was a gift from my beloved mother. She, with her heart full of love, always emphasized the importance of smelling delightful. I fondly recall her generously passing down nearly finished designer perfumes for me to take to boarding school. I cherished those fragrant tokens and used them with joy.

After completing my university studies, a new aromatic avenue beckoned – scented candles. Ah, the enchanting ambiance a lit candle could conjure! From the gentle warmth of its amber glow to the subtle, yet tangible, fragrance that filled the room, it was an experience that resonated deeply within me.

As the years flowed by, a whimsical notion took root: crafting my very own home fragrance line, a symphony encompassing both abode and body. After immersing myself in a sea of research, I embarked on this fragrant odyssey. The journey led me to curate the most exquisite fragranced products, infusing them into my surroundings with the highest quality.

I extend an invitation to you to experience this journey with me. May these fragrance-infused offerings illuminate your space and envelop you in a gentle embrace of heaven-sent aromas. Just as these scents have been a part of my story, I hope they find a special place in your heart, bringing light, joy, and a breath of tranquility to your life.

Welcome to a world where fragrances hold the power to uplift, connect, and create cherished memories. Welcome to Tega Milton, where the heart and soul are intertwined in every essence.